It has been a year since the defeat of the forces of the fallen priestess of a once dead god, Isifel and her companions at the hands of a ragtag group heroes from Daggerford. The orcs and other evil humanoids which made up Isifel’s army have long since returned to their dark holes in the Spine of the World and the High Moor. While Isifel and her companions have retreated but into the shadows of the puppeteers who controlled their strings. And life in the Delimbiyr Vale for the most part has returned to normal.

In Secomber the town has been rebuilt and fortified after nearly being destroyed by the host of Hellgate Keep. Along with a wall to help better protect the town, a garrison of 50 soliders have been assign to Secomber by Duke Pwyll Greatshout of Daggerford to assist the local militia. The town has also inherited a magic-user who has taken up residence in the tower of the late Amelior Amanitas, who like Amelior has an interest in ancient Athalantar. He has also been trying to enlist adventures to help explore the ruins that had been unearth during the assault from Hellgate Keep.

Though it only suffered minor skirmishes with the orcs, the militia of Daggerford has regained its strength along with the completion of the temple of Tyr, a number of paladins in the service of Tyr have begun to journey to Daggerford to lend their swords to the cause. It has also become the base of operations for a number of adventuring groups, mainly the ragtag group of adventures who opposed Isifel, led by the paladin Solomon and his squire, Isorn.

The Legacy of the Fallen